Thirty years ago the vast Cauldaron Empire, which covered the Perstian Continent, suffered an egregious tragedy. Renowned for their martial and scientific endeavors, The Cauldaron Empire had been both the pinnacle of scientific and engineering enlightenment as well as the birthplace of champions and generals. The effects of the empires arrogant pride and disregard towards the arcane powers manifested itself though during the Kandor Massacre. Seeing the atrocities that they faced in their future if counter measures weren’t taken, King Marcus ordered the immediate creation of the Skyward Scholars. In the frantic fever to acquire absolute arcane superiority, the empire lost the scientific method. Experimenting and analysis were overshadowed by final results. A nation immature with the arcane arts soon found itself obtaining powers far beyond it’s responsibility.

Aspiring Archmage Dhalar Mendius offered the radical possibility of controlling and channeling the chaotic infernal powers. With the looming threat of the Kenderlor in the south, the schematics for the Nether Field were approved. A hybrid of muscle and magic, the soldiers who were treated to the Nether Field become an indomitable force. After quickly obliterating the Kenderlor threat, King Marcus saw no further current need for the Skyward Scholars and the Eternals and naively ordered their immediate dismantling. The Nether Field was found it be incredible resilient to reversing; Not that it mattered as the Cauldaron’s patriots weren’t keen on giving up their new found powers. Knowing he had the backing of a small army, and that the King was ready to throw away years worth of profound archaic knowledge which [he believed] could propel the Empire into a new enlightenment, Mendius saw it as his duty to defend this invaluable resource.

What followed would be notoriously remembered as The Long Night. Although greatly outnumbered by the King’s standard legions, Mendius prepared a coup to thwart any assault upon the arcane institutions. At dawn Mendius rallied the Eternals at then Nether Field, having them embrace the infernal fires again, and again. As the sun set, Mendius absorbed the Nether Field as well. Filled with unimaginable power, the Eternals laid seige upon the City of Caul. Mendius, though, underestimated the tenacity and sure amount of support. Upon word of the battle, it was not simply the King’s legions that grabbed up arms, but the commoners, who still viewed this new arcane knowledge with suspicion, who readied the ramparts as well to defend the status quo against this alien threat.

Unable to admit defeat Mendius initiated a teleporting ritual in hopes to retreat and fight another day. Channeling it’s power through Mendius though, the infernal force tricked Mendius and corrupted the ritual, creating a summoning ritual to which Mendius would be the host. As the King’s Legions fought towards Mendius, the once aspiring proud wizard flesh exploded outward revealing a monstrous fiend. Through the roar of laughter from the demon, a sobering voice of realization was heard by survivors, “I have become Death . . . the Destroyer of Worlds . . .” The Demon mercilessly wiped the battlefield clean of adversaries, casting destruction throughout all of the City of Caul. By chance and skill the Skyward Scholars were able to imprison the demon within a gem.

King Marcus, although grateful for the Scholars, immediately disbanded the organization and departed the arcane users back to whence they came. An intolerance towards magic was put into effect immediately. Across the Empire the teaching, practicing and/or possession of unnatural entities was cause of imprisonment and in many cases death. A stigma towards the archaic arts was quickly established and the land has fallen deep into superstition and mistrust. Additionally, the crippling effect of the destruction of Caul weakened the hold the Empire had on it’s territories. Rival Lords to the throne quickly took more authoritative roles in their lands. The consequences of this over 50 years has led to the break up of most of the Empire. Although Caul still endures, the Empire it used to command is more myth than fact. Most of the small continent is run by small competing city states, all riffling for power. The phrase, “All’s Fair in Love and War,” has become a motto for Nobles and Highway Men alike.


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