The Beginning
Wolfs,Goblins and Water

- The party started their journey soaking wet. After advancing towards a light in a tower they were attacked by wolves. With the help of Seer Treona though they managed to get inside. There they learned about the slaying stones and the fate of Kiris Dahn. They requested help in locating these stones. The rudeness of Clarky though pissed off Lord Alkrain Kiris who stood his ground to the “lizard.” Luckily cooler minds prevailed as Paton was able to smooth talk his way into the Lord’s heart. They were told that they could have their towns treasure if they were to bring back some personnel items to the former mayor.

-Leaving after a hearty breakfast they marched towards Kiris Dahn. Nearly their they encounter a large goblin patrol. They took refuge in the forest to try and stay hidden. The old man though got their attention after complaining about his hip. A quite lengthy battle then took place. Through use of clever magic and brute strength they got the goblins to retreat, although this unfortunately raised the alarm of the town.

- Seeing that charging head on would be a mistake, the party decides to head south and attempt to forge the river. After a few mishaps in the water, they all get across.

- They decide to bunny hop along the farms lands towards the Mayor Estate

- They are spotted once by sentries briefly but avoided direct contact.

= Inside one of the farm houses was obviously a seen the brutal murder of 3 goblins who had be bludgeoned to death. Over each eye is a branding.

- They safely make it into the southern woods, below the Estate. They spend the rest of the morning resting there. While resting though a pair of worgriders, out on orders to locate the party, find them. They steal V’s money pouch and gnaw on his chest to wake up. A quick battle ensues to save V. Although the last goblin pleaded to be spared, they refused, killing him instead.

-Taking note of the patrol patterns, the party is able to flip through a broken down wall. After searching a few rooms they enter into a great hall where three goblins are waiting at attention. Instead of waiting to see what the goblins are doing, Clarky bursts into the room electrifying everyone with his breath. Little did he know the Hu Junt was right outside on this Red Drake. A massive battle ensued which eventually led to the party learning about large bronze looking things in the library, as well as hearing of an orc organization knows as the Severed Eyes. Apparently the orcs were here recently. They eventually kill him also, but not before he got a few last swings in, taking down Clarky.

-Upstairs in the Estate the players come across the Lords office which overlooks the city. After fooling around with the hidden vault they manage to open and find the Lords personnel things as well as a few gold bars and other various things.

-With Clarky passed out on a table, the rest of the party makes preparations to sleep in the converted barracks upstairs.

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