Chaotic Flux Wand

A randomized wand


Standard Action Requirement: Spell Book Use: Tear a page from Spellbook and roll 1d6. Attack cannot be cancelled after the roll results are seen.

1/2 Nether Bolt Attack: Ranged 10 vs Reflex Hit 1d8 + 1 Lightning and Necrotic Damage, target is dazed

3/4 Ravaging Squall Attack: Ranged 10 vs Fortitude Hit: 1d10 + 3 Thunder Damage, target is pushed 3 squares

5/6 BOOM! Attack: Area Burst 1 centered on ally, vs Reflex, automatic hit against ally. Hit: 2d8 + 3 Acid damage and Fire Damage


Created by Rort after tinkering with abandoned materials in Kiris Dahn’s library. His unskilled hands managed to create an unpredictable tool.

Chaotic Flux Wand

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